ICFP Papers

Authors of abstracts presented at the conference have the opportunity to submit manuscripts for publication in the 2013 International Conference on Family Planning supplemental issue of the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

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Manuscript Submission Form (March 31 deadline)

Research presented at the 2011 International Conference on Family Planning has been published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics:

Editorial: Onward from Dakar: Taking family planning in novel directions
Olaolorun FM, Hinson L, Burke A

There are some questions you may not ask in a clinic: providing contraception information to young people in Kenya using SMS
Vahdat HL, L’Engle KL, Plourde KF, Magaria L, Olawo A

Tell them you are planning for the future: Gender norms and family planning among adolescents in northern Uganda
Adams MK, Salazar E, Lundgren R

Getting to 70%: Barriers to modern contraceptive use for women in Rwanda
Brunie A, Tolley EE, Ngabo F, Wesson J, Chen M

Does integrating family planning into HIV care and treatment impact intention to use contraception? Patient perspectives from HIV-infected individuals in Nyanza Province, Kenya
Newmann SJ, Grossman D, Blat C, Onono M, Steinfeld R, Bukusi EA, Shade S, Cohen CR

Reproductive health laws and fertility decline in Ghana
Finlay JE, Fox AM

Addressing unmet need for long-acting family planning in Ethiopia: Uptake of single-rod progestogen contraceptive implants (Implanon) and characteristics of users
Asnake M, Henry EG, Tilahun Y, Oliveras E

Religious leaders gain ground in the Jordanian family-planning movement
Underwood C, Kamhawi S, Nofal A

Effect of post-menstrual regulation family-planning service quality on subsequent contraceptive use in Bangladesh
Sultana F, Nahar Q, Marions L, Oliveras E

How conditional cash transfers to promote institutional delivery can also influence postpartum contraception: Evidence from Rajasthan, India
Zavier AJ, Santhya KG