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HLMM Final Report:
The Youth Dividend—Return on Investment in Family Planning

Réunion Ministérielle de Haut Niveau:

Dividende des Jeunes—Retour sur Investissement dans la Planification Familiale


2013 High-Level Ministerial Meeting (HLMM) at the International Family Planning Conference

On November 12, 2013, African government Ministers, high-level policymakers and distinguished guests met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to discuss promising avenues for investing in the health and well-being of young people under the theme: “The Youth Dividend: Return on Investment in Family Planning.”

The day-long meeting focused on the potential of such investments, particularly in family planning, to benefit young people now and to accelerate economic growth and development. Population dynamics in many African countries present challenges to meeting the needs of children and young people as they come of age and seek to apply skills acquired through schooling, join the labor force, form families and participate in society. Policymakers across Africa are taking action to set economic, education and health policies for youth that support their ability to improve their own prospects for health, well-being and financial security and contribute to poverty reduction in the long term. The meeting provided the opportunity for African leaders to learn from one another and to make clear their commitment to meeting the needs of young people in their countries. Such investment is an essential ingredient to realizing a demographic dividend — the economic growth that may result from a rapid decline in fertility and subsequent changes in a country’s population age structure.

More than 350 participants from 47 countries gathered to discuss the current and future benefits of investing in family planning for young people. These participants included 26 leaders from African ministries of health, youth, economic planning and develop­ment, and finance, 75 additional ministerial representatives and 15 members of parliament. More than 100 individuals from the donor community were present as well as 136 distinguished guests from non-governmental organizations.

The report from the High-level Ministerial Meeting of the International Conference on Family Planning contains key themes and policy actions that resulted from the meeting, and is available in English and French.

Meeting Report (English)
Meeting Report (French)
Meeting Agenda (English)
Meeting Agenda (French)

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