Preformed Panels

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Submission Deadline:  May 1, 2013

Preformed panels provide an opportunity to tell a larger story than individual abstracts. These panels, which are comprised of 3-4 related presentations, should be developed with input from multiple individuals, organizations and projects.  Preformed panels should have added value to sessions otherwise formed from individually submitted abstracts.

Preformed panels with presentations from a single organization will not be considered for the program – this type of submission is better suited to a satellite event, sponsored by that organization. Preformed panels related to a single, large-scale project may be reviewed, if the presentations are from different organizations and there is a compelling reason why a dedicated panel is important.

Preformed panels will be assessed on the strength of their overall presentation as well as the strength and interconnectedness of the individual presentations composing the panel. Therefore, panel submissions should include objectives for the overall panel presentation as well as study or program objectives for each individual presentation. Panelists and moderators (if possible) should be identified at the time of submission.

Preformed panel submissions will be assessed as a unit. i.e., accepted or not accepted as a whole. Therefore, it is incumbent on those forming complete panels (and the proposed presentations therein) to ensure that each presentation is independently strong and that panel objectives, conclusions and implications are clearly stated.

IMPORTANT:  Panel organizers should complete and submit ONE submission form that includes both the overall panel information (objectives, description, research /program/policy implications) as well as details of each separate presentation (presentation title, authors and affiliations, background, methods, results, and conclusions). Each presentation should be described separately within the submission. The word count of the ENTIRE panel submission is 2000. This is comprised of 400 words for the overall panel information and 400 for each presentation up to four (4) presentations.

Preformed panels should be submitted only when organizers are confident that each proposed presenter will be able to participate in the conference.

Note persons with accepted presentations, either as individuals or on panels, will be restricted in their appearance on the conference program to two times.  This is to provide opportunity for a broadened base of conferee participation.

Submission of preformed panel
Please include the following:
A synopsis of the panel including an overview (400 words) and individual paragraphs (400-words each) for each presentation.

The synopsis should not exceed 2000 words and should include the following:

  • Panel objectives
  • Panel description
  • Panel’s research/program/policy implications
  • Paragraph for each presentation (1 to 4) including: presentation title, author(s), affiliation(s), background, methods, results, and conclusions

Instructions for Preformed Panel Submissions_English
Instructions for Preformed Panel Submissions_French

The panel form and abstracts may be submitted on-line in English or French. If you are unable to submit online then please complete the submission form and email the form along with your submission to, [email protected]
Preformed Panel Abstract Submission Form_English
Preformed Panel Abstract Submission Form_French

Panel Review
Preformed panel submissions will be reviewed by a Panel Review Committee following the same criteria as used for individual submissions.  The panel organizer will be advised if the panel and its abstracts have been accepted via e-mail notification by July 31, 2013.  Panels will be asked to confirm their participation and provide a final list of presenters by August 31, 2013.

If a panel is not fully accepted but conference organizers are interested in one or two of the abstracts, they will contact the organizer to see if those presenters are available for non-panel presentations.