Session Chair Guidelines

For questions about chair guidelines, please contact [email protected]

Some sessions consist of pre-formed panels and nominated a chair.  The guidelines below do not apply to these sessions.

  • Session Chair Guidelines:

    · When you arrive at your session room, there will be a monitor who will ensure that any PowerPoint presentations have been loaded to the computer.

    · Please check the “Program Updates” sheet for any modifications to your session.

    · Be sure to start on time. Introduce the session topic (3-5 minute) and provide any comments or direction you wish to make.

    · You can advise presenters at the beginning of the session that you will be monitoring their time. Cards with “3 minutes left”, “1 minute left” and “0 minutes left” will be at the podium in the room for you to cue speakers.

    · If any presenter does not appear (or has withdrawn her/his paper at the last minute), please use the additional time for discussion on the presented papers. Do not add any new presentations, as these will not have gone through peer review.

    · Introduce each speaker and monitor their presentation time. Familiarize yourself with pronunciation of names and affiliations.

    · You may deviate from the order of abstracts in the program, but you should inform the speakers.

    · After the last presentation, invite questions from the floor and facilitate a thoughtful discussion. Hopefully there will be at least 20 minutes remaining for this, but indicate that questions posed and responses should be succinct. Encourage any exchanges that extend over 5 minutes to be continued in private after the session.

    · At the conclusion of the session, thank the panelists for sharing their research and/or best practices. Indicate that all presentations will be viewable from the conference website in a few weeks’ time.